Care for the insulator of the electric motor does not suffer with increasing temperature

The life of the thermal insulation of the electric motor can reduce drastically the electric motor suffer from overheating. The electric motor insulation degradation can occur when there is line voltage, overcurrent in matches, dust deposit forming conductive bridges, attack by vapors which are acids and gases that are taken by ventilation.

For the electric insulating engine has a good shelf life it is necessary to equip the feed frames with devices that protect and appropriate commands to be able to periodically check its operation. The electric motor coils should be cleaned whenever the electric motor stand still for a while and also the installation of filters in electric motor ventilation systems so that it always has the proper maintenance.

The industrial revolution brought the modern world the concept of standardization and since the industrial revolution, the manufacturer is required to produce parts that are capable of reproducing the product it manufactures.

The standards serve to ensure that there is interchangeability between the components of any product that is industrialized and that creates security for those who use the manufactured product.

As the electric motor is an industrialized product is also the replacement parts guaranteed, because the electric motor has well defined characteristics, but you must follow standards classified as specific.

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So choose the electric motor or the maintenance brings tranquility to those who make use not only the electric motor, but of all industrial equipment. The rules also guarantee the buyer the assurance of knowing how the electric motor work and if necessary, the buyer may replace the electric motor by an equal.

THE electric motor is responsible for the transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy. The operating principle is based on coils and other details in its interior, today there are already several types of models electric motors, but they all have the same goal which is to make the transformation of energy.

There are several benefits to using the electric motor, today the market give preference to this machine because it offers a lot of efficiency in the process in which it appears, or equipment. In addition, it also offers a low cost of maintenance, which is a big plus these days and people give preference.


Understand the advantages of using electric motor makes you realize how it is much more suitable than several other machines that have the same functionality as this. The transformation of electrical energy into mechanical energy can also be done through other machines, but electric motor is the most suitable of them.

The electric motor’s main function is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. The electric motor is the most widely used because it combines practicality of transport, economy, low cost, clean and basic commands.

In the market there are several models of electric motors, the electric motor can be direct current or alternating current. The DC electric motor has a higher price when compared to the AC electric motor EM2539T.

The DC electric motor has a device that is responsible for making the current is transformed from alternating to continuous. On the other hand, the AC electric motor is the cheapest and most widely used because it is the direct current electric one that transforms the energy into alternating current and so the costs fall significantly.

The DC has a flow which is continuous and orderly electrons working in the same direction since the alternating current, the scope and direction vary cyclically and happens an electrical current modification unlike direct current.

Those who opt for purchasing an electric motor DC know you can perform a simple way to control the speed and the electric motor can function as both an electric motor and as a generator.

The DC electric motor is advantageous because it has a high starting torque and this causes the electric motor is suitable for loads that have high inertia or high drive system.

Another advantage of the electric motor of DC EM4109T shunt field has a characteristic speed. The speed of the electric motor of direct current parallel field is always constant even when charged and that’s brand of industrial milling machines.

On the other hand, the DC electric motor is more expensive and bulky compared to the induction motor, also requires maintaining a certain frequency with the brushes and the commutator.

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The electric AC induction motors is the most widely used because them is no need to vary the rotational speed. Single phase induction motors are widely used in applications which require low power.

There are various types of induction motors and machines because they can be present in applications requiring low performance they end up being very important. This engine has the same function as any other model is to transform electrical energy into mechanical energy. Leeson 174709.00 DC SCR CONTROL NEM mro

Before making the choice the professional has to consider the application properly to understand if that motor will provide the income that is being sought. This type of engine has been so important that today its use is more than up. It is one of the best cost-benefit for many processes that we use in our daily lives. In the industries they are the most common for processes.

High temperature in the electric motor is no sign of a good electric motor 17470900 functional signal. The many electric motor frequent departures should be provided while the electric motor is still being designed, because the various matches in a row not allow the electric motor to cool and can cause the electric motor reaches a critical temperature and this can result in an electric motor that will easily spoil when subjected to pressure from high temperatures.

Ideally, while the electric motor is being designed, the temperature of the electric motor arrives while playing being given must be observed in order to happen an interval between a start and another for the electric motor able to make its temperature returns to normal and not remain on the rise as electric motor at high temperature only will result in problems for the device.

Has a form of simple clarification on electric motor as it has coils that are released in the stator and are connected in such a way that reach compose three symmetrical and distinct circuits, what we call motor winding phase, so they can say that these steps are interconnected and thus form the links that call connections star-shaped or triangle-shaped.

And to have a good linkage will a three-phase network, it is essential to take into account the tension in which to act, and that mooring star of at least 355cv of power the five terminals, six, seven are connected Coxreels SH-N-3100, and so the terminals eight, nine, ten and three are connected to an electrical power wiring.

In delta connection at least 220 v and a top layer is closed with the end of another, and this union is connected to the network, so the three-phase motors have one given speed.